The 8th ELITE International Conference (2020)

Technology-Enhanced English Language Teaching (ELT) in the Post-Pandemic Era

1. Creative Idea for Handling Online Language Class
2. CALL/TELL-Based Online assessments
3. Social Media for Communicative Online Teaching and Learning
4. Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs)
5. ELT Technology -Enriched Material Developments

Keynote Speakers:
1. Willy Renandya (Singapore)
2. Jon Mason (Australia)
3. Gumawang Jati (Indonesia)
4. Sultan Gregory Stover (USA)
5. Ismail Suardi Wekke (Indonesia)

Important Dates:
- Abstract Submission Deadline:
  12 August 2020
- Abstract Acceptance:
  15 August 2020
- Payment Deadline:
  18 August 2020
- Full-paper Submission:
  23 September 2020

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